Park Attractions

Challenge yourself to think differently at Hedgend Maze. Explore the outdoors while you investigate and discover our unique attractions. Enrich and enhance thinking and understanding.

We describe our park as a growing ‘learning-scape’. An outdoor space with lots of different rooms (or attractions), to provide families with an environment for shared experiences where you can come together and stimulate your learning to think differently, reconnect as a family and create some lasting memories. All the attractions are open-ended specifically designed to include loads of fun learning with more than one level of difficulty. We want to motivate your family and inspire you to unlock your inner potential to better connect with yourself and others through our adventure playground.

Admission into Hedgend Maze allows you to enjoy full access to all of our park attractions, including the following: 

- Famous 1.2km Hedge Maze with a secret message to discover inside

- Native Maze

- Rainbow Lateral Thinking Maze 

- 18 Holes of Mini Golf

- 9 Rounds of Frisbee Golf

- Fossil Dig 

- Giant Eye-Spy Mural 

- Tangled Web Agility Activity

- Frog Hollow Farm 

*School Holidays and Public Holidays ALSO includes extra kids activities. 

"My children absolutely enjoyed all the activities. Went through the maze a few times. Beautiful scenery. There is free food to feed the chickens in the garden and my children loved it. There is a few mazes in the garden to entertain the children. We stayed for 2.5 hours and didn't have time to finish all activities. Lots of drinking water dispenser around the park. Nice ice cream in the cafe."

Trip Advisor - Jessica 2015
"We visited on a cold windy day just as it opened and it was great! The maze was great fun, the other challenges had the kids entertained and the mini golf was good for us all! Kids are 6 and 7 and enjoyed it all! Friendly staff and kids loved feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs! Gorgeous views! Would definitely recommend a visit!"

Trip Advisor - Reece 2015