We welcome all visitors as an integral approach to visitability, providing accessible services and attractions to people with a range of disabilities and individual needs to achieve an all inclusive visitor experience. There were certain parks attractions and physical structures created before the current owners time, that simply don’t support this vision, however, creating a sense of shared awareness and ownership around this topic, we have improved access into our business with the support of our travelling individuals, families and carers sharing their experiences and ultimately, helping us grow.

Customer Service – Visitability – access for all.

We accept Companion Cards, Carers Cards & Seniors Cards

Upon showing their card, card holders will be charged at children’s prices. Carers are free. 


Wheelchairs in the cafe

All café tables are wheelchair height & can be physically moved to provide seating suitability for each requirement.

850cm doorways

All doors & gates around the venue are recommended minimum width requirements. Doors are manual & we may need to assist in opening doors on behalf of the visitor.

Car Park

We have three reserved ‘disabled’ car parks and three large bus parks.

Hearing Impaired bookings

Hedgend Maze staff are prepared for the National Relay Service to ring on behalf of a client making enquiries. All information is on our website under the “Plan Your Visit” tab. 


Smoking areas are found at the front entry, stables area and picnic area.


Native Maze

This attraction is designed specifically for wide wheelchair/pusher access. As we supply you with blindfolds, test your listening skills and find out how much you truly trust your family/friends.

Frisbee Golf

This course is located on a slightly sloped grass area where soft patches may occur after the wet.

Eye-Spy Mural

Located in a wide open space, the Eye-Spy Mural can be enjoyed by anyone.

Fossil Dig

This area is a short walk from the cafe area and can be enjoyed by people of any ability.


Large, open undercover area for chickens to roam free around you. Log seating is also available around the outskirts of the lounge.

Veggie Patch

This is a great sensory experience with some soft areas after wet.

Rainbow Lateral Thinking Maze

With open areas to visually follow coloured lines, the Rainbow Maze can be enjoyed by people of all skill and ability levels.


This is a private function area with concrete flooring. 

Picnic Decks

These designated picnic areas have move-able picnic tables for dining suitability.

BBQ area

This area is a large undercover space that is well ventilated and easily accessible.

Disabled   Toilets

Here at Hedgend Maze we have a larger, open toilet; featuring a low mirror, diagonal handrail and baby change facility. 

Bench Seating

Dotted around the park are resting points for anyone who is tired.