Pre-book your Laser Sport Skirmish session before your arrival on:
  0459 595 057

Experience a LIVE adrenaline fueled version of Call Of Duty, in an outdoor battlefield. Laser Sport can be described as a combination of modern computer games and military training scenarios, where players work with a strong emphasis on tactics, stealth and strategy in order to win missions.

Our fun game formats are structured so two teams with equal armories, battle it out to achieve their goal and complete their mission. Inspiration for these game formats is often taken from modern video games, and presented in a way that is appropriate for any age. Players can be of any fitness level, battling it out in the action packed one or two or three hour public or private sessions we have available.  

Upon registration, we will fit players out in protective camouflage coveralls, apply war paint and have you listen to our safety and equipment briefing. You may choose from a variety of our realistic weaponry; including cobras, scorpions, spitfires or commando carbines which shoot harmless beams of infa-red light to your opponents sensors and give you instant feedback when you cause a ‘critical hit’. Each ‘critical hit’ disables opponent players, reducing their health points, until they are deactivated and need to re-spawn. Each weapon features its own special uses. 

Laser Sport encourages teamwork and leadership, two of the most important things you need for high performance.

All participants must have a registration form signed (download link below). Under 18’s must have this form signed by their parent or legal guardian to play. Laser Sport is for 7 years and older. Players should wear layered clothing and appropriate footwear for a bush setting, such as runners or work boots. A change of clothes and spare shoes is a good idea on wet days.

Laser Sport sessions provide players with the following benefits;

  • Speed and coordination
  • Communication skills
  • Mutual support within the team
  • Facilitation of leadership
  • Shared understanding of the situation or task
  • Team Formation

Laser Sport is the perfect choice for a team bonding, family bonding, birthday parties or even an end of term celebration or reward activity for your group. It’s safe, outdoors and action packed from the first whistle.

Please download, print and sign the below registration form before you arrive for your pre-booked session. 
Click Here to download our 2018 Registration Form