School Holiday Programs

Are you looking for a fun, engaging school holiday experience ​for your students these School holidays?!

Hedgend Maze has a wide range of exciting adrenaline filled activities and fun educational experiences on offer to cater towards any age group! 

(September/October 2018)
These September/October School Holidays, we have an exciting theme of 'SPRING ANIMALS' in celebration of all the exciting new animal life around our park.

Have your students immerse themselves in our Hobby Farm, as they learn all about our animals and how to care for them, whilst up close. Explore sustainable topics such as food miles, sustainable gardening/farming practices, how to care for animals and much more! 

Admission gives you FULL access to our entire park! 

Activities include: 
-Outdoor Laser Sport Skirmish (Grades 5 and up)
-18 Holes of Mini Golf
- 9 Rounds of Frisbee Golf
-Our famous 1.2km Hedge Maze
-Native Blind-fold Maze
-Rainbow Lateral Thinking Maze
-Tangled Web
-Giant Eye-Spy Mural
-Hobby Farm

Student admission: Full Park access at a discounted rate of $15.50 per person. 
Staff: Free (1 Staff : 8 Student Ratio) Thereafter $5.00 per additional staff member 

For further enquires please contact us. Click for further enquires.
or email us at / contact Lea on 0459 595 057 for more information. 

To make your day run as smoothly as possible, we will provide your group with a customized comprehensive program for staff. This will include a rotation of all our attractions (Including Laser-Sport Skirmish for grades 5 and up). 

Download a Copy of our Risk Assessment for Excursions risk-assessment-for-excursions.pdf

Team Building

Hedgend’s team building ‘Challenge Your Mind’ Program expands and enhances student thinking and problem solving skills through cooperative and t...


Students physically explore the term ‘ecosystems’ and investigate natural environments; Pond, Bush Land and Compost Soil. This experience encourages students to identify, observe, discover and evaluate the issues within a sustainable environment. Students are immersed in activities that challenge their thinking, as they expose key elements in creating a sustainable future.

Students from Haileybury College

"I thought the program was fantastic, relevant to the age group, educational as well as fun."

Leanne White (Staff Haileybury College)

We liked hunting through the maze and trying to find our way out. For some of us it was quite hard but for others it was quite easy. We loved the erosion lesson, it explained so much. We're glad that you look after the environment and give the scraps to the worms instead of chucking it away. We love your pet guinea pigs, chickens and we saw a dog. Your kitchen garden was amazing. Overall Hedgend Maze was fantastic!

By Gigi, Courtney and Emilia (students Haileybury College)