Educational Experiences

Are you looking for something different to stimulate your students? 

With so many fun activities to explore, Hedgend Maze is a great venue to bring along a group of students for a great days outing.

Hedgend Maze offers a variety of attractions that will keep students of all ages busy and engaged.  Explore our Fossil Dig and imagine becoming paleontologists and being the first to unearth and discover replicas of fossils from dinosaurs from the past. Become a Golf Pro and have unlimited use of our 18 Hole Mini Golf. Try our puzzling Rainbow Maze and find all the obscure hidden objects in our Australian Eye Spy Mural.  Enjoy a round of Frisbee Golf and finally, our greatest and most famous attraction, The Giant Hedge Maze. Explore the 1200 metres of winding paths and solve the cryptic hidden message inside.  Children can work through the attractions in pairs or as teams, whilst building on their thinking, cooperative and problem solving skills.

Excursion Options:

Option 1 - General Admission into the park includes the following;

  • All day entry into Hedgend Maze and independently enjoy all attractions
  • Free use of Park BBQ’s

    The cost for General Admission is as follows;

  • Student Price = $13pp for groups of 20 or more.
  • Teaching Staff/Leaders = $5.00 pp

Option 2 - An Educational Experience Package includes the following;

  • Our educational supervisor will create a rotational program and work with the children, giving guidance and providing additional resources, activities and challenges as the children explore our park.  All day entry into Hedgend Maze and independently enjoy all attractions.
  • Free use of Park BBQ’s

          The cost for Educational Experiences is as follows;

  • Student Price = $15pp for groups of 20 or more.
  • Teacher/ Staff = $5.00 p/p 
Educational Excursions cover a variety of areas in Leadership in Personal Development and Leadership in Sustainability….

Excursions are individually created covering the needs and requirements of the students and staff that are attending, providing them with a valuable learning experience that they can continue to develop.

Our Leadership in Personal Development Program actively encourages individuals to empower and develop an understanding and responsibility in their own learning by providing awareness and guidance to achieve goals and targets in their own ability and to capitalise on their own personal strength.

Hedgend enhances student thinking and problem solving skills through a unique Adventure Framework comprising of a Giant Hedge Maze (1200mtrs), Mini Golf (18 hole), Frisbee Golf (9 hole), Native Maze, Rainbow Maze and Australian Eyespy Mural.

Experiences can be shaped for individual group needs, utilising the following, Personality Dimensions for youth, Team Building, Personal Power, Learning Styles and Thinking Styles.

Our Leadership in Sustainability Program helps individuals understand and appreciate key principles and issues of wellbeing, welfare and leadership through the knowledge and skills of Education in Sustainability.  We cover areas in waste, water, recycling and biodiversity.

We will discuss personally with staff to organise a day that is unique to their students.

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