Outdoor Laser Tag Parties

Welcome to Laser Sport - Hedgend's most popular party attraction. Looking for something different for your child’s next birthday party? Something that will challenge their body and their mind? Kids love it! Experience a LIVE adrenaline fuelled version of Call Of Duty, in an outdoor battlefield. Laser Sport can be described as a combination of modern computer games and military training scenarios, where players work with a strong emphasis on tactics, stealth and strategy in order to missions. Suits children celebrating their 9th birthday or higher.


  • Minimum 12 Players = $300.00 
  • Additional Players: Add $30 per player
  • Laser Tag will be played in our outdoor battlefield 
  • Professional Laser Referee
  • Registration, fit out and war paint
  • Parents are required to serve and look after the kids over the 30 min food break.
  • A total of 3 hours is required for this party.


  • Minimum 12 Players = $350.00 
  • Additional Players: Add $30 per player
  • Laser Tag will be played in our outdoor battlefield 
  • Professional Laser Referee.
  • Registration, fit out and war paint.
  • Includes yummy Party Food catering and Cool Drinks for children participants only.
  • A total of three hours is required for this party.


  • Give us permission, and we will snap beautiful pictures of your child and their friends throughout the day, compile them with your child's favourite soundtrack and send you a Personal Photo Journal of your Child's birthday celebration. = $180.00
The Fine Print
  • Party Food consists of hot chips, homemade sausage rolls, fairy bread, cocktail franks, cordial and water (we only cater for the party children). You can bring extra share nibbles if you wish.
  • Please download a Registration Form, and have each of your participants fill it in and return to you, prior to the party. This way, you can bring them all on the day. We recommend you attach the registration form to your child's invitation, so they get handed out together.
  • Bring along the completed registration forms for all your participants. Every participant must have a completed registration form signed by an adult. 
  • We strongly suggest all players wear layered clothing and appropriate, covered footwear that doesn't matter if they get wet, sweaty or dirty. 
  • We require you to RSVP guest numbers, 6 days prior to your party.
  • Both Laser Tag Parties run for a total of three hours. 30 mins of fit out, registration and safety briefing, then game time, food, game missions and then cake. When Hedgend Maze caters, our Skirmish Referee will support your child throughout the duration of the three hours. When parents choose to cater, our Referee does not assist parents during the 'food' time.
  • There is a non refundable $150.00 deposit required to secure your date and time.
  • All guests must be present during our briefing for health and safety measures. If a participant arrives after these instructions, they will not be able to participate. 
  • Supply your own BYO birthday cake (incl candles) 
  • Bring kids with energy!

 Laser Registration Form  

Feel free to print and use our awesome invites for your party.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment