Amazing Race Parties!

This party is ideal for teenagers. Just like the original TV show, teams will be navigating through unique obstacles and attractions to complete activities and puzzles. Successfully complete the task at hand, and teams will be handed a card to move forward. Sounds easy, but the tasks are quite tricky and cover all learning and thinking styles, so kids will quickly learn the value of 'team'. Great for all mental and physical abilities.

  • 2-hour party for 10 kids = $400.00
  • 2 adult’s free
  • Extra Adults and Children = $15 each

Add Option 2: 

  • Give us permission, and we will snap beautiful pictures of your child and their friends throughout the day, compile them with your child's favourite soundtrack and send you a Personal Photo Journal of your Child's birthday celebration. = $180.00

The Fine Print
  • Party food upon arrival: Including hot chips, handmade sausage rolls, fairy bread, cocktail franks, cordial and water (we only cater for the children).
  • Your Amazing Race team Host will personally entertain the kids for the entire duration of your 2-hour party, so Mum and Dad can sit back and relax.

Feel free to download and use our Hedgend Maze party invitations!