Kid’s Parties

We love spoiling kids! Hedgend Maze is the perfect outdoor venue to bring small or large groups of family and friends together and have loads of fun and celebrate special kids. We help families that want something different, where kids can explore, think creatively, make noise and burn heaps of energy. Our goal is to jam pack your party with amazing fun. Let us show you the ways....

My Kind of party. I have hosted many parties for all my children and extended family over the years, and it can get overwhelming to have to look after someone else’s kids. All I did was send out the invites and just turn up! Simple! The kids were looked after and entertained by experienced staff, whilst I relaxed, had a bit of lunch for myself, and had a little snooze on the lawn, (don’t tell the parents). Perfect. Definitely my kind of party from a parent’s point of view!

This is the second party we have hosted at Hedgend, and we have come to celebrate other kids parties here too. The kids love it and they don't get bored. Parties are unique and fun. I also feel satisfied when the kids greet their parents at the end of the day with… ‘This is the best party I have ever been to, I want my party here’. (Tells you a lot). So we will be back, again

Sandra Williams, Facebook

For Further information or to make a booking go to phone 0459 595 057 to go to Party Enquiry

We entertain and cater for guests you pay for. If parents bring extra guests and want to go through the park on their own, they may do so at a discounted price of $14.00 p/p. Please call us to arrange this service on 0459 595 057. 

BYO Catering

A party where parents can happily cater for kids with food allergies and intolerances, vegetarianism or cultural diversity. (All ages)

DIY Party

Make a day of it! Bring the food, the kids, the cake and we'll provide a fantastic venue host for you. (All ages)

'Mazing Fun Parties

Sit back and relax, parents! Let us entertain and keep the kids active. Your child helps us design a personalised celebration. (All ages)

Farm Yard Parties

Have a beautiful first hand experience with our farm animals. Feed them, pat them, brush them, tickle them and learn about pet care, too. (4-12 years)

Laser Sport Kids Parties

Get the kids active and outdoor. By far the most popular party option. (9 & up)

Amazing Race Parties

Just like to TV show, complete the physical and mental challenges to advance to the next task. Who will be the winning team? (12 & up)